Wickham Autowash

Wickham Autowash

Wickham Autowash

Vehicle wash specialist since 1958 and installations around the world

Wickham is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of underbody wheel wash systems, designed to give both a wheel wash and a chassis wash for years of service.  Also vehicle wash systems, which give an all over wash..  These are designed to provide a completely automatic vehicle wash, PLC controlled to efficiently accommodate size variations of commercial and industrial vehicles and site conditions.  Since the system is based entirely on high pressure and high volume water jet cleaning, the booms oscillate to give maximum cleaning using less jets than a fixed system, therefore saving energy and reduced running cost.  This provides the same high efficiency cleaning regardless of vehicle size and configuration.

Three standard wheel wash models

  • Hurricane Light – medium duty wheel wash
  • Double Hurricane Medium – heavy duty wheel wash
  • Monsoon Heavy – extra heavy duty wheel wash

Two standard arch vehicle wash models

  • Jet Clense Oscillating booms arch wash
  • Jet Wash Fixed boom arch wash


Each are available to offer the customer a unit that will efficiently meet the particular requirements of the application.

Each system consists of a wash structure and a pump station.  The wheel wash structure or arch wash are installed on a concrete formed area which the vehicles pass and receive a complete wash.  The pump station houses all mechanical systems involved with maintaining a constant water supply to the wash.

To further reduce water consumption, drainage and costs, the civil installation can include a recycle system, for the underbody wheel wash a concrete water storage vessel (commonly referred to as a ‘Lagoon’) or a holding vessel for the arch vehicle wash.  These effectively permits the wash to act as a closed-loop system.

Additionally, Wickham can supply a range of hand wash systems, pressure washers, hot and cold pressure washers, water / steam cleaners and small stand alone water recycle units.  If you have a requirement for a wheel wash or vehicle wash system you can not find then contact us.

  • Non standard vehicle wash units can be produced
  • Extra wide wheel wash units can be produced
  • Full technical specification given upon request.
  • Site visits arranged
  • Layout foundation CAD drawings (DWG or DXF) available upon request
  • Installation and commissioning by Wickham engineers
  • Regular contract maintenance service
  • Complete turn-key package deals